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United States Reaches Highest Amount of Pedestrian Deaths in 30 Years

When a pedestrian accident happens, it can not only cause significant injuries but sometimes death as well. In fact, a recent report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) suggests that pedestrian fatalities in the United States have reached its highest levels in over 30 years last year. It is important for loved ones after […]

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Can I Get Money After Being Injured in an Airport Accident in Pennsylvania?

There are over 100 different airports in Pennsylvania, holding thousands of people at any given time. While most people’s airport concerns begin in the air, accidents can still take place on the ground. People can become injured in an airport if the property is not taken care of. These accidents can have devastating outcomes with […]

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What Do I Do After Sustaining a Catastrophic Injury in Pennsylvania?

When a person is involved in a serious personal injury accident, it can impact their life in many ways. Sometimes, the injuries that are sustained can be treatable and victims can go on with their life. However, there are other cases in which they sustain severe, irreversible damage. This can be seen in the event […]

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