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There are many people who operate commercial vehicles all over the country. This includes buses and large vehicles, such as tractor-trailer trucks. In order to do this legally, a driver must obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). These vehicles are immense in size, which is why it is crucial that they are operated safely. This involves driving with a sound mind, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a commercial driver is found under the influence while operating their vehicle, they can be charged with a DUI. This may result in significant consequences that can impact a person for the rest of their life.

DUI Laws in Pennsylvania

It is illegal for anyone to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the state of Pennsylvania. If a driver is suspected of a DUI, law enforcement can pull them over on the road and issue a test to determine their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). A normal BAC rate for a DUI in Pennsylvania is 0.08%. However, it is important to know that the legal limit for commercial drivers is lower. A commercial driver in the state with a BAC of 0.04% or greater can be convicted of a DUI.

Commercial DUI Penalties

When a driver is convicted of a DUI, they can face serious penalties as a result. Commercial drivers who are convicted of a DUI in the state of Pennsylvania can face harsh penalties as well. If it is the driver’s first offense, they may face a license suspension for up to 12 months, fines between $500 and $5000, and imprisonment from two days to six months. 

If a driver is convicted for a second offense, they can also have their license suspended for 12 months. However, their fines can increase from $750 to $5000. It is important to know that if a driver has a BAC of 1.6 or higher, their penalties can increase immensely. This can include a license suspension for 18 months, fines up to $10,000, and jail time up to five years. 

Legal consequences are not the only penalties an individual may face for a commercial DUI. These convictions can increase insurance rates, both personally and professionally. Often times, they can be dropped by insurers and employers. After receiving a DUI on your record, it can be difficult for a commercial driver to find another job within the state.

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