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Holland Criminal Law Attorney

Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney serving Holland

The Law Office of Neal E Newman, Esq. has provided strong criminal defense services to clients facing criminal charges for over 45 years. Attorney Newman has experience in handling matters as simple as petty theft to drug offenses or even very serious charges, such as murder. When your future is on the line, it is vital that you speak to an attorney who will effectively fight for your rights. If you need a criminal defense attorney serving clients throughout the state of Pennsylvania, contact The Law Office of Neal E Newman, Esq. today. This dedicated law firm is here to fight for Holland clients when they need it most. Contact The Law Office of Neal E Newman, Esq. for a consultation.

The Law Office of Neal E Newman, Esq. Criminal Defense Legal Services

The Law Office of Neal E Newman, Esq. is a criminal defense law firm located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Attorney Newman is dedicated to guiding clients through difficult times when they need the strongest criminal defense possible. His 45 years of experience allows him and his staff to ease some of the stress that clients facing criminal charges often experience at this time. The firm works tirelessly to protect the future of our clients from the lifelong burdens of a criminal record and time behind bars. The Law Office of Neal E Newman, Esq. provides clients with experienced and knowledgeable legal services regarding criminal defense, including:

Contact a Holland Criminal Defense Attorney

When clients in Holland need a strong criminal defense attorney, they can rely on the dedication and experience of The Law Office of Neal E Newman, Esq. The firm is committed to fighting for your rights. Attorney Newman provides the strong legal representation clients deserve when facing matters that can have such strong impacts on their future. For a skilled attorney that has your best interests in mind, contact The Law Office of Neal E Newman, Esq. for a consultation today.

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