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Langhorne Criminal Law Attorney

Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney serving Langhorne

For over 45 years, Neal E. Newman has represented Langhorne residents and clients throughout Bucks County with effective criminal defense services. Attorney Newman and his staff handle all criminal matters, including DWI/DUIs, drug crimes, and more. When your future is at risk, a criminal defense attorney can be the determining factor in the outcome of your case. Attorney Newman and his team are committed to fighting for the rights of clients when their future is at risk. If you have been charged with a crime, contact The Law Office of Neal E. Newman and schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

The Law Office of Neal E. Newman Criminal Defense Legal Services

The Law Office of Neal E. Newman is conveniently located in Holland, Pennsylvania, serving clients in Bucks County and throughout the Commonwealth. Attorney Newman is committed to providing strong legal representation in all criminal matters. The Law Office of Neal E. Newman understands the impact of an arrest, especially when that arrest ends in a conviction.  He and his staff will work tirelessly to fight the charges and ease your stress. The Law Office of Neal E. Newman assists clients in all of their legal matters regarding criminal charges, including:

Contact An Experienced Langhorne Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are arrested and face serious consequences, The Law Office of Neal E. Newman is here to help. Attorney Newman and his staff will fight for the future of his clients by exploring all legal defenses to mitigate the impact of a conviction or have the court throw out the charges altogether. Mr. Newman and his legal team is dedicated to providing the strong legal representation our clients need when their future is at risk. For an experienced attorney that can effectively fight for your rights, contact The Law Office of Neal E. Newman.


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