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After receiving a criminal charge in the state of Pennsylvania, an offender can face various consequences as a result of their actions. While many of these are immediate, others are long-lasting and can impact a person for the rest of their life. That is why it is important for individuals facing criminal charges to contact a skilled Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney for help protecting their future.

What are the Long Term Effects of a Criminal Record?

Those who are charged with criminal activity receive a criminal record. This can impact their lives in the following ways: 

  • Their ability to get and keep a job. A criminal record can limit the jobs a person can get, as they have to check “yes” when an application asks if they have ever been convicted of a crime. This generally flags an application. Employers also usually conduct background checks. If an applicant lies, they can be disqualified. In addition to this, individuals can get fired from their current job if they have been convicted of a crime.
  • Criminal convictions can affect child custody arrangements. It can be used against a parent to prove that they are an unfit parent or pose a threat to the child by the court or a former spouse.
  • A criminal record can affect a person’s immigration status, as foreign nationals who commit a crime may be deported or prevented from becoming a citizen.
  • If a person commits a crime for a second or subsequent time, the penalties can worsen significantly than their first charge. For example, those who are convicted of a second DWI within a certain amount of time of their first can face harsher penalties and maybe a license suspension.

Can my Criminal Record be Erased?

It is important to know that an individual may be able to have their record expunged in the state of Pennsylvania. This means that their criminal record can be erased, allowing them to have a fresh start. A person may be eligible for expungement in the event of the following circumstances:

  • There is a court-ordered removal of arrest and non-conviction data
  • They have a clean record for five years after a conviction for a summary offense
  • They successfully completed an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program
  • They successfully met the conviction requirements after an underage alcohol conviction
  • They are 70 years or older with 10 years of a clean record after releasing from supervision

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